About Montgomery County CPS



Montgomery County CPS/Child Welfare Board works with the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards (TCCWB), a statewide network of more than 2,000 volunteers appointed by County Commissioner’s Courts. Annually, child welfare boards in Texas contribute $20 to $30 million to help meet the needs of children. DFPS works with TCCWB and others to develop resources, programs, and strategies to enhance services for vulnerable children and families.

Montgomery County CPS/Child Welfare’s mission and focus is to provide leadership, vision, trust, confidence, enthusiasm, and successful coordination of efforts between the private sector, government agencies, non-profit private agencies, foster parent association, community leaders and the Montgomery County CPS Board.  The efforts have two common aims; 1) to improve the lives of our foster children and 2) be an example to the rest ofTexasso allTexasfoster children can experience similar hope and relief.  

Since 2010, the primary objective for the Montgomery County Child Welfare Board has been to support the state initiatives through enhancing county wide initiatives that help reach the goals set out by the State of Texas for Montgomery County’.  The growth and development of our community partners (the CPS Advisory Board) has allowedMontgomeryCounty to embrace the state’s goals for serving and protectingTexas children in the care of DFPS.  

Montgomery County CPS/Child Welfare Board
2017 North Frazier, Suite C-1
Conroe, Texas 77316

Phone:  936-756-1551
Federal Tax ID:  20-0787262