Contributions at Work

contributions-at-workThe Montgomery County Child Welfare Board is involved in a number of programs and initiatives throughout the year.

Adoption Day

Enacts a collaborated effort of City, County, Business and Community leaders working to promote National Adoption Month (2nd Tuesday in November) in the organization of a celebration for the adoption of foster children in Montgomery County Texas. Texas foster children deserve our commitment to uphold their dreams to find loving, safe and permanent homes through adoption.  

Adoption Fair 

The Woodlands Church host 2 Adoption Fairs each year since 2010.  The fairs feature children whose parental rights have been terminated and are eligible for adoption from Montgomery County CPS conservatorship.  Families who have completed the adoption licensing process through Montgomery County and local private agencies are invited to attend.  

These events are conducted similar to large birthday parties with games/activities for everyone to participate in with the children’s caseworkers on hand for families to speak with.  These fairs have become the root of Montgomery County’s most difficult adoption placements.

Adrian’s House   

This is a transitional living center for boys who have aged out of care and have chosen not to stay in licensed care.  The house can provide transitional care for up to 4 boys.  Rooms are individually sponsored by community donors.  

Alliance 14:18 

This is a group of churches and organizations in the greater Houston area dedicated to defending the cause of orphans and foster children.  This alliance of 22 churches (9 of which are in the North Harris/Montgomery County area) area have adoption, foster & orphan care ministries and have come together to network their resources, events, speakers, materials, prayer and support in order that ministries can be done more effectively and have greater impact as we seek to care for the fatherless.

Always Pursue (Graduation/Prom) 

MC CASA took the organizational lead of this event held at The Woodlands UM Church in celebration of 28 graduating foster youth and included evening wear for each youth, dinner, portraits, presentations, and two $500 scholarship awards.  In addition, each student was presented with their own laptop computer!    

Angel Reach

This non-profit organization in Montgomery County operates a transitional living center for teenage boys (Adrian’s House), and provides training, support and advocacy focusing primarily on Kinship providers (families with their children still at home or staying with relatives).  This organization also serves as a distribution organization for goods donated through other Advisory Board organizations and events. 

Angel Tree Project

Since 2009, The Woodlands Church (formerly known as Fellowship of the Woodlands) has sponsored all conservatorship children (600 children) in Montgomery County for Christmas. “Angel Tree Ministry” headed by Melissa Coleman provides our children with 3 wrapped gifts from each child’s wish list.  This contribution is a critical component in serving our County’s children at Christmas time. 


This is a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry whose goal is to actively show God’s love to abused, neglected, and forgotten teenagers in the North Harris County & Montgomery County systems, shelters, foster homes, mental facilities, and on the streets; by providing healthy, loving relationships, and addressing individual spiritual, emotional, and material needs.  Among their many contributions, this program provides activities, feeds, and mentors over 500 children and teens each month. 

Bags of Love

The Woodlands United Methodist Church committed to give 700 Bags of Love to the Montgomery County CPS emergency intake office for new intakes.  These “bags” are diaper bags, or backpack type bags with emergency supplies including pajamas; a lovie; and infant/school supplies as are age appropriate.  These bags are resupplied as needed. 

Child Abuse Prevention Month (April)

MC CASA leads the event on the Montgomery County Courthouse steps commemorating Child Abuse Prevention Month (aka “Blue Ribbon Event”).  Cooperative partners from the Advisory Board included the City ofHouston, Commissioner’s Court, Judge Alan Sadler, the CWB, and Angel Reach.  

Fostering Hope and Adoption 

Is a ministry of The Woodlands Church (formerly known as Fellowship of the Woodlands) whose focus and mission is to care for the “orphans” through promotion of adoption.  TWC hosts semi-annual “Adoption Fairs” in whichMontgomeryCounty’s children are featured to licensed adoptive homes.  TWC also provides Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas gifts, and is the host site for the Back2School picnic. 

Foster Parent Appreciation 

The Woodlands United Methodist Church is hosting bi-annual (October and May) Foster Parent Appreciation Events for all foster and kinship families. In May, TWUMC hosts a “Invisible Hero’s Lunch” in appreciation of all of the MC Staff, Board, Foster Families, private agencies, CASA, etc. in support of “National Foster Parents & Foster Care Appreciation Month”.  The October event includes a massive pumpkin field within a harvest festival full of face painting, food, tons of games, hay rides, and a guaranteed fun day for our county’s foster families. 

Foster Parent and Kinship Care Association

The Woodlands United Methodist Church has provides the location and babysitting services for foster/kinship parents to regularly meet in support groups as well as hosting the newly re-established foster/kinship association (North Texas/Montgomery County Foster & Kinship Care Assoc.)  This association holds a membership to the Texas Foster Family Association as well as the National Foster Parent’s Association.  

Open Table 

The Open Table initiative started in Arizona and has been brought to Montgomery County through Arrow Child & Family Ministries.  The concept is that 12 professional individuals organize and meet creating a relationship with a foster youth aging out to assist that young adult with life skills, and guidance for college and employment.  For more information go to 

Pay It Forward

A student organization atSamHoustonStateUniversity(with over 140 members) began in March, 2011.  The purpose of the organization is to network SHSU students and faculty interested in supporting foster children and those who care for them through volunteerism, mentoring, and assisting foster children and foster care alumni with their transition of independence, while pursuing their education at SHSU.  Since “Pay It Forward’s” inception earlier this year, the students have volunteered at six MC Advisory Board events and have a full calendar of service, training, and education.

Project Rescue: Fostering Hope Today

Is a ministry of The Woodlands United Methodist Church (TWUMC) whose focus and mission is to raise awareness of foster care and adoption and move people into action to bring about real change. Some of their programs include Shared Treasures, Bags of Love, Foster Parent Appreciation, and Training for foster parents and potential foster parents. TWUMC is a central and key member of the MCCW Advisory Board, always willing to serve, or lead as needed. 

School Supplies 

The Woodlands Church (and Melissa Coleman) continues to meet the need of our conservatorship children’s school supplies.  With the Child Welfare Board budget at $500, there is no way to cover our children’s needs.  The Board raised an additional $2,500 and with the assistance of the Woodlands Church, the remainder (approximately $16,000 worth of supplies and backpacks have been given out each year since 2009.  

Shared Treasures

The Woodlands United Methodist Church hosts a 1600 sq. ft. storage filled with gently used and new clothing for infants thru 17 years old and brand new toys and gifts.  Foster and Kinship Families can come monthly to receive 1-2 outfits per child and once a year for 1-2 toys or gift items for children’s birthdays.  Intake vouchers are given for new child so that they may have as many clothing items as they need and a new toy/gift to help them feel welcome in their new foster home.  A web link is available to all foster/kinship families in Harris and Montgomery County to help find special need items for specific children.

Summer Camps for MC Foster Children

The Woods Edge Church sponsored (at a rate of $1,000 per child) 29 MC conservatorship children the opportunity to participate in “Royal Family Kids Camp” at the “Renewal Retreat Center” in Dickenson, Texas.  Royal Family Kids' Camps are one-week resident camps designed to meet the unique and overwhelming needs of abused and neglected children. The camps are sponsored and staffed by people from local churches. To be eligible for attendance, a child must be a victim of abuse and, in most cases, living in an out-of-home foster placement. 

Camp Hope (formerly known as TRAC – Teen Reach Adventure Camp) has successfully hosted boys and girls summer camps for our teens (ages 12 – 17).  Cindy Mericle is the Director of the camp and both of these camps have a positive history and relationship serving MC foster/kinship kids.  

Texas Foster Family Association

The Montgomery County Child Welfare Board has provided membership to those families who care for Montgomery County CPS children to the Texas Foster Family Association. This membership promotes networking, support, and training for our county’s foster parents

Texas Reach

Texas Reach is a newly developed cooperation effort that has enlisted 11 Texas Universities and/or systems with the goal of helping foster youth reach their dream of a college education.  Some of the participants include: Sam Houston State University, Lonestar College System,Texas State University, TexasTech University, LeeCollege, Prairie View A&M, San Antonio College, and the University of Texas at San Antonio.  In May there was a convening of the participating universities to network and communicate ways to:

  • Share best practices to bring student success initiatives to foster youth
  • Strengthen College/University and Child Welfare Partnerships
  • Increase access to resources for youth aging out of foster care

Training for Foster Parents and PRIDE Classes 

The Woodlands United Methodist church is hosting regular PRIDE training classes to any interestedMontgomeryCountyfamily.  In addition, TWUMC is an active recruiter for other churches to initiate “Tough Ministries” including foster care ministries through a conference providing training to foster care providers, workers, CASA, Judges, and any church interested in branching their ministries into foster care needs.  

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