Community Advisory Board

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The Montgomery County CPS/Child Welfare Community Advisory Board represents many organizations and individuals who have a desire to assist in relief efforts of our County's CPS children in parallel to our state’s goals and initiatives.  This collaborative group has cooperatively grown in production, vision, and membership going back to its community roots in 2005.  Its membership includes prolific, compassionate, and proven leaders who share a desire to make a difference and have successfully worked together bringing about substantial improvements and opportunities to Montgomery County CPS and the families they serve. 



History and development of the MC CPS/CW Community Advisory Board 


In 2005, several Montgomery County leaders, companies, and agencies joined together resulting in Montgomery County, Texas becoming a leader in child welfare community partner relations throughout the United States.  Those founding partners included: Terri Jaggers (Mrs. Texas 2005); Homes4Good - Charlotte Burkhart; MC CASA - Michelle Firby; Arrow Child & Family Ministries; the Texas Foster Family Association, the Mayor of the City of Conroe – Tommy Metcalf, and Montgomery County CPS Program Director Leshia Fisher. 


From 2005 – 2009, this growing community effort produced many solutions, programs, and events that not only filled voids within our County’s foster care system, but also became templates for county’s across Texas and throughout America.


In 2009, the Child Welfare Board created the Community Relations Committee.  In 2010, the Community Relations Committee of the Montgomery County CPS/Child Welfare Board officially formed and integrated the community partners into what is now known as the Montgomery County CPS/Child Welfare Community Advisory Board (MC CPS Community Advisory Board). 


Vision of the MC CPS Community Advisory Board 


The Community Advisory Board has three primary goals; 1) to improve the lives of our foster children and 2) to network and support one another’s talents in providing assistance/relief to Montgomery County’s children and those who care for them, and 3) be an example to the rest of Texas so all Texas foster children can experience similar hope and relief. 


The Community Advisory Board meets in February, April, June, August, and October. 


Members of the MC CPS Community Advisory Board (As of January, 2012)


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